How To Earn Money From YouTube

How To Earn Money From YouTube : Many people use YouTube to watch videos and many people earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. Online YouTube is a great source of income that we are going to talk about today.

There are many ways to earn money online from YouTube out of which we will tell you today about 8 popular ways and you have to understand them carefully.

How To Earn Money From YouTube

1. Earn Money From YouTube Partner Program
YouTube Partner Program is a way of making money from YouTube in which you have to create a channel on YouTube.
  • That channel should have about 1000 subscribers.
  • Your video should have a total of 4000 hours of watch time. (If your video is public then only its Watch Time will be counted.)
  • Your channel must follow YouTube's rules.
  • Your Google account linked to that YouTube channel should have two-step verification turned on.

After fulfilling the above requirements you can apply your YouTube channel for YouTube Partner Program. YouTube team will also review, check your channel and if there is no problem with the channel then your channel will be included in the partner program.

  • When your YouTube channel is included in the YouTube Partner Program, you will get money from any ads that appear on your YouTube videos in your bank account. 68% of the earnings will go to you and the rest will go to YouTube.
  • For YouTube partner program you have to connect Google Adsense with your YouTube channel through which you can connect bank account and through that you can take the earnings to your own bank account.
  • Your identity will also be verified in Google Adsense.

Friends, this is how the YouTube Partner Program works.

2. YouTube Shorts Fund

On YouTube you can also earn through 30 to 60 second shorts videos. People who make their own original shorts videos on YouTube earn some money every month which ranges from 100$ to 200$ etc.

YouTube has not given any criteria for this but the content of the shorts videos you create on your channel must be your own and the YouTube team itself informs creators of different good shorts about their shorts bonus via email.

The YouTuber then receives the earnings in his bank account following the uploading process.

The problem with this is that it is not fixed when you will make a short video and when the YouTube team will email you, you have to make the video regularly and get more views. Your video must be your own.

3. Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Affiliate marketing means when you are making a video on YouTube and you have a lot of viewers, you can join the affiliate program of a website and put the link of their product in your YouTube video to increase its sales and the number of people who buy it through your link will give you some value for that product. Get money as a percentage commission.

Nowadays many websites or companies launch their affiliate programs in which many YouTubers join and increase the sales of their products to benefit the company and also earn commission from it.

There are many affiliate programs out there with the most popular being the Amazon Affiliate Program. You should always try not to give your viewers a link to a wrong company.

4. Selling your product on YouTube

If you have a product like a t-shirt, cup etc or a digital product like an ebook, course etc then you can create a channel on YouTube and upload videos to it to connect all the people and when you have more people to watch you. You can market your product on YouTube for free.

You can sell your product to your viewers by informing them about your product and explaining it to them and this will earn you by selling your product.

5. Brand Partnerships on Youtube

If you have a lot of people watching you on YouTube and the popularity of your channel and people's trust in you increases, you can show them a product that they can use.

You can partner with a company in which you will speak 30-40 seconds in your 10 minute video about that company's product through which your video will market that company's product and increase sales of that company's product in which that company will pay you.

Now how much money that company will give you depends on the number of subscribers of your channel, number of viewers, people trust you and many other criteria.

Once the number of your views increases, you can email a company in front of you and a company can also email you in front of you in which you have to put good products in front of your audience so that their trust will be on you.

6. Membership

Once the viewers trust you then you can charge people on your other website or YouTube itself by charging some monthly fee like 50, 100, 159 etc. they can give you something extra separately, extra content for that charge. can give

For example, if you charge 50 rupees and about 1000 people join it, then your monthly earnings will be 50 thousand.

But if you have to keep giving people good content extras then people will pay you some monthly fee for that.

If you want this channel membership feature on YouTube itself then your channel should have 1000 subscribers and your channel should be included in YouTube partner program.

7. Sell Your Service on YouTube 

If you are providing some service like you are good at video editing and you are editing videos for clients then you can upload videos of your video editing skills on YouTube to spread your work to more people.

As you showcase your video editing skills on YouTube, many new clients will approach you and offer you video editing work and you will also get paid for that work.

You can connect with more clients and earn more by uploading videos of your work on YouTube if you have any skill and you provide a service for it.

Video editing is taken as an example here, but you may have other skills and many people have new and different skills.

8. Live stream

On YouTube you can do a live stream in which you have to interact with your viewers live on YouTube and you can also do different activities, answer their questions. Many times people send you money through Super-Chat if they like your live stream or if you like your content.

This superchat feature should be enabled on your YouTube channel for which your channel should be included in the YouTube partner program through which you can live stream in this way and people will also send you money if they like your live stream.

Hopefully today you have learned about the many different ways to earn on YouTube. Also share this information with your friends.


Question 1 : How many views do you need on YouTube to make money?
  • Answer : To start earning directly through YouTube, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 Watch Time per year. Once you reach that, you can apply to YouTube's partner program and turn on monetization of your channel.

Question 2 : Does YouTube pay for YouTube Shorts?
  • Answer: Creators will earn 45 percent of the money from ads that run between shorts videos. YouTube is expanding its YouTube Shorts business. Beginning in 2023, Shorts Creators who reach 10 million shorts views within 90 days can apply to earn money through YouTube's Partner Program.

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