How To Earn Money From PhonePe App

How To Earn Money From PhonePe App : Are you looking for more apps to earn money from your mobile phone? If yes then you can earn money easily by using PhonePe app. And with that money you can pay for your mobile recharge, dth recharge, electricity bills, movie tickets, etc. 

How to earn money from PhonePe App

You must have an android or ios phone to earn money from PhonePe App. You can install PhonePe app on that phone and connect it to your bank account and start earning money. Use the link given below to install PhonePe App.

Download PhonePe App And Get Rs. 100 Cash Back Instant

What is PhonePe App and how does it work?

PhonePe App is a UPI based online payment wallet, to use which you have to connect your bank account with it. You can use PhonePe App to make many online payments, like recharging someone's mobile, recharging dth, paying electricity bills, etc.
Apart from this, you can send or receive money directly to someone's bank account from PhonePe App. You will get all the features that should be in a UPI App in this App, which will prove to be very helpful.

Features of PhonePe App

  •  Easy to use: It is very easy to use compared to other online payment apps.
  •  Payment from mobile number : If you want to send money to another PhonePe App user, then you don't need to enter his UPI ID, you can directly send and receive payment from his mobile number.
  •  Payment Options: In this app you get almost all the basic payment options. Like debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI and from its wallet.
  • Offers: There are many offers running on this app, by using which you can get a lot of cash back.
  • QR Code: In this app you can send money directly to any phonepe user by scanning the qr code without showing your mobile number. And you can also generate your own QR code.

Ways to Earn Money from PhonePe App

You can earn money in three ways with PhonePe App.

1. First UPI Transaction Par Rs. 100 earned
  • If you install PhonePe App from the link given above, then when you make the first payment through UPI, you will get Rs. 100 cashback will be available.
  • You can do any small recharge or something else to make first payment.

2. Invite and Rs. Earn up to 10,000

  • Get Rs. 100 cashback can be obtained. If you get 100 people to join from your invite link then you will get Rs. Can earn up to 10000 seats.
  • To send an invite link to someone, click on the profile icon in the top menu of the app.
  • Now click on My Referral Earrings.
  • Now click on Invite Friends, through which your referral link will be created.
  • Now you can share that link on facebook, whatsapp or anywhere.
  • Whenever someone installs the app from your link and makes the first UPI payment, you will get Rs. 100 cashback will be available.

3. Win Cash Back from Offers
  • There are many cash back offers running on PhonePe App, which you will get to see in its offers section. You can save a lot of money by using these cash backs.

Important Link

PhonePe Earn Money 


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