Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2023

Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2023: The Gujarat government releases different schemes keeping in mind each department of the state. The state government releases various schemes to boost the business of farmers and herdsmen in the state. Farming schemes, animal husbandry schemes, horticulture schemes, fisheries schemes, various schemes of Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd have been implemented.

The farmers of the state are engaged in animal husbandry along with agriculture since 1 May 1960 Animal Husbandry Department came into existence in Gujarat. The animal husbandry department provides financial assistance to the animal husbandry through various schemes. In the article we will discuss in detail about one of their schemes, the Cow Assistance Scheme.

Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2023

Various schemes related to organic agriculture of Atma are being implemented by the government at Ikhedut Poratal, through these schemes, schemes have been implemented to help the farmers to move towards organic farming. Years ago our forefathers were involved in natural farming. Natural farming means using animal dung and cow urine in agricultural fields to produce crops. By using cow dung and cow urine, the cost of farming is reduced and crop growth is increased. In this article, we will get detailed information about who can benefit from this scheme, what is the eligibility of the scheme, what documents are required to get the benefit of the scheme and how to apply online.


In today's era, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used to increase the farm production, which increases the cost in the agriculture sector and harms the farmer as the production decreases. Natural farming i.e. organic farming requires animal dung and cow urine, the use of which increases the fertility and productivity of the soil. Organic farming gives people a chemical-free crop that improves human health.

Scheme Name 

Gay Sahay Yojana 2023


To encourage farmers to move towards organic farming and financial assistance


All farmers of Gujarat state

Amount of Assistance

900/- per month towards maintenance cost of one cow to each farmer family, subject to an annual limit of 10800/-

Application mode 


Official Website 

Eligibility of Gay Sahay Yojana

The Desi Guy Sahay Yojana has been implemented by the Atmani Natural Agriculture Department of the State Government and some of its eligibility criteria are as follows.
  • Beneficiary farmers should be from Gujarat state.
  • Every caste farmer deserves this benefit.
  • Beneficiary farmers should have identification tag of indigenous cow.
  • Small, big, marginal farmers are also eligible to benefit from this scheme.
  • Beneficiary farmers should be named in land record 7/12.
  • Beneficiary should be doing organic farming with desi cow dung and urine.
  • To avail the benefit of this scheme the beneficiary farmer should have received full training from Natural Agriculture Master Trainers.
  • Beneficiaries who have received training will be given priority under this scheme.

Benefit eligible under Cow Aid Scheme

Desi Cow Assistance Scheme has been implemented under Atman's Natural Agriculture Scheme. Under this scheme, assistance is provided to the farmers of the state who are engaged in organic farming i.e. organic farming based on indigenous cows. In this scheme, the beneficiary farmer's family will be given Rs 900 per month for maintaining one cow subject to a limit of Rs 10,800 per annum.

  • From the date of approval of the application, the beneficiary will be paid Rs 900 per month for the period of that quarter.
  • Every three months the cow has to be tagged and its survival done.
  • The beneficiary has to produce a certificate from the gram sevak of that village that the beneficiary is practicing organic farming.
  • Dula Bharti owning indigenous cows and receiving assistance but found not practicing organic agriculture will be stopped for the next quarter.

Important Documents

Online application has to be made to avail the benefits of this scheme. Online application has to be done on ikhedut portal and some documents are required for it. Which are as follows.
  • Copy of 7/12 regarding land to beneficiary farmer.
  • Copy of ration card
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card
  • If the farmer is SC or ST, his certificate (if applicable)
  • Certificate to the effect if beneficiary is disabled (if applicable)
  • Certificate that the beneficiary farmer owns Kankerage, Desi Gir or other Desi cows
  • Those who own native cows should be tagged
  • Copy of bank account passbook
  • Details if the milk producer is a member of Multi
  • Details if member of cooperative society

How to Apply Gay Sahay Yojana Online

To get the benefit of this scheme, the beneficiary applicant will have to apply online from the ikhedut portal. Follow the steps below to apply online.

  • First search ikhedut portal in Google Search.
  • Click on ikhedut portal to see the result of your search.
  • Now click on “Plan” option on home page.
  • After clicking on the scheme, you will be prompted to click on "Soul Division Schemes".
  • Now click on “Scheme to provide assistance in maintenance cost of one cow to a farmer family engaged in desi cow based complete organic farming”.
  • Application has to be made when the scheme is launched.
  • After reading all the details click on “Apply” written next to it.
  • Are you a registered applicant now? If yes click yes and if not registered click no and proceed further.
  • If you have already registered then enter your Aadhaar card and mobile number after typing Captcha and click on submit button.
  • Now the online form will open in which the requested information has to be filled accurately and then the application has to be saved.
  • Now confirm the application and get the print of the application.

Important Link

Official Notification


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