Success story of chandrayaan 3

Success story of chandrayaan 3 : Chandrayaan 3 sent by India will enter lunar orbit today. All the people of India felt proud when Chandrayaanthi was successfully launched by ISRO on 14 July 2023. Today the mission was successful in reaching the moon.
Chandrayaan 3 has now reached lunar orbit after its successful launch. We can also see the live location of Chandrayaan.


Success story of chandrayaan 3

chandrayaan 3 Entry into lunar orbit : On August 1, Chandrayantri entered lunar orbit at a speed of 38,520 km per hour, but has since reduced its speed to 37,200 km per hour and will enter lunar orbit today. Now only 20 days are left for Chandrayaan to land on the moon.

chandrayaan 3 Entry into Noksha

Chandrayaan 3 has so far completed two-thirds of the total distance and entered lunar orbit on Saturday with 100 percent success, Indian Space Research Organization said on Friday. So this success has been achieved by ISRO scientists before. Chandrayaan is moving towards the moon at a speed of 37200 kilometers per hour and will enter the lunar orbit at seven o'clock on Saturday evening. The moon will be about 40 thousand kilometers away from this orbit so that at that time the effect of the moon's gravitational force also begins on it.

chandrayaan 3 Change in orbit

According to ISRO, Chandrayaan 3 has undergone five orbit changes since it was launched on the mission. After the August 1 sling short, it left the Earth's orbit and headed towards the Moon, and now it will enter the Moon's orbit at 7 pm on August 5. Jesus said that when the Chandrayanti is entered into the orbit of the Moon, its desired orbit will be closest to the Moon.

chandrayaan 3

India's Mission Mun has achieved yet another success with the successful entry of Chandrayaan 3 into lunar orbit. Now Chandrayaan 3 will orbit the Moon in an elliptical orbit of 186 km*18054 km. On 6th August at 11:00 pm, its distance to or from Britain will be reduced. Chandrayaan 3 has entered lunar orbit after a 22-day journey.

Propulsion and lander will be separated

Chandrayaan's propulsion and lander will be separated on August 17. It will be de-orbiting between August 18 and 20. The distance of the orbit will be reduced. The lander will be placed in an orbit of 100*35 km. After this, August 23 will prove to be an important day when Chandrayaan 3 will be landed on the surface of the moon at 5:47 pm.

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Chandrayaan took the first picture of the moon, watch the video


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