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How To Aadhar Card Download: Aadhaar Card, an essential identity document in India, is required for every citizen. It enables access to government schemes and services, which cannot be availed without it. It is convenient as citizens can apply for it online and without Aadhaar card they are ineligible to avail various services offered by the government.


How To Aadhar Card Download pdf

In today's article, I have compiled the necessary details about downloading your Aadhaar card, getting Aadhaar password and accessing Aadhar Card Download. These instructions will enable you to easily get your Aadhaar card PDF and easily check your Aadhaar card status by the year 2023.

Aadhar Card Download

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Aadhar card pdf

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UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) 


29 September 2010

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How to Download e-Aadhaar Card?


Giving unique identification number to every citizen

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What is Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar card, a 12-digit document, serves as a means of confirming an individual's Indian citizenship in various states of the country. It is generated by UIDAI (Authority). Any Indian citizen has the privilege to request an Aadhaar card, but they must first provide the necessary documents as proof of their residence in India. Consequently, this card holds considerable importance as it serves as a form of identity verification for individuals residing in India.

The Aadhaar card was introduced on 29 September 2010, and since then, the official website has generated an astounding 21 crore Aadhaar numbers. Additionally, numerous individuals are currently accessing the official website to download their Aadhaar Card PDF.

What is the purpose of Aadhaar card?

Aadhaar card serves the purpose of confirming the identity of Indian citizens by determining their residence in a particular state, district, city or village. Additionally, the card incorporates biometric data of the individual, which proves to be very beneficial in various verification processes. For any query or assistance related to Aadhaar Card, individuals can contact Aadhaar Card Customer Care Number.

What is e-Aadhar?

E-Aadhaar emerges as a secure digital replica of Aadhaar, with an electronic signature by the competent authority of UIDAI. This digital representation can be obtained through download from the official UIDAI website or their designated mobile application.

The official website, managed by the Unique Identification Authority of India, offers Indian citizens the opportunity to get their e-Aadhaar card. By providing certain personal details, individuals can easily download their e-Aadhaar and use it as proof of identity on mobile devices. Apart from this, individuals can find further guidance on obtaining their PVC Aadhaar card as well as detailed instructions on how to download the e-Aadhaar card.

How to Download Aadhaar Card?

Individuals who wish to get a copy of their Aadhaar card can do so effortlessly by initiating the Aadhaar card download process. To successfully download e-Aadhaar card or Aadhaar card PDF, it is imperative to link your registered mobile number with your Aadhaar card. This is important as a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the registered mobile number, allowing you to proceed with the download. The following comprehensive guide explains the step-by-step process for downloading e-Aadhaar.

  • To download e-adhar card, first go to the website and download the aadhar card.
  • After that click on Aadhaar Card Download link.
  • After that a new page will open in which click on Aadhaar Card Download link.
  • After that a new page will open with two options to enter UDI number and Aadhaar card number.
  • If you want to download your aadhar card by aadhar card number then select aadhar card option.
  • Select Enrollment ID option to download new Aadhaar card.
  • Enter Aadhaar Card Number or Enrollment ID Number, and click on Send OTP and then click on Download Aadhaar Card After that an OTP will be sent to your mobile number.
  • Enter it and click on Download Online Aadhaar Card, then your Aadhaar Card will be downloaded in your phone.
  • This Aadhaar card will be password protected.

Apart from this if you think there is any error in your Aadhaar card, you can also update your Aadhaar card.

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Aadhar Card Download


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