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Bio Data Maker App : A resume is a document used by a person to present their background, skills and achievements. Resumes can be used for a variety of reasons, but the most common is to get a new job. A typical resume includes a “summary” of relevant job experience and education and projects.

A bad resume can ruin all your hard work. Because this is your first weapon, which can lead to getting and not getting a job. So today we will learn how to make a resume from our mobile at home with all the information, images and PDF format. So that you don't have to go to cyber cafe. 

Bio Data Maker App

This resume app is accessible in offline mode. Use this first resume app and free perfect resume maker or create a resume maker to create the perfect professional resume. The resume app includes 130+ impressive CV formats, you can use them for a great looking resume /cv/curriculum vitae to join a job.

Use this free resume app in PDF format to create a resume with complete resume templates. A quick resume builder that easily creates a resume by editing, modifying and sharing CVs.

Bio Data Maker App – Highlights

App name : Resume Builder

App Size : –

Rating : 4.5 stars

Number of downloads :10 million+

What's it like to look at a resume?

Thus, there are many types of resume to look at, but still let us tell you that in the resume everything of the student means whatever is mentioned in it. An example of which is given below.

You can use this resume format for this type of job;

  • Teacher Jobs | For Teacher Post Interview
  • Bank Jobs | Interview at the bank
  • Professional Job | Any type of job
  • Fresher Jobs | To get the first job

What does it take to make a resume?

Let me answer your question. What it takes to make a simple resume. Before knowing it was a burden to me. But making it is not as difficult as we think.

You will only need this item
  • Internet connection
  • Smartphone/Computer
  • Restart Maker App/Tools
  • Professional photo

The perfect way to build a resume

Now we will know the process of making resume in three ways. First of all mobile phone then computer then finally with the help of online tools you will learn how to create CV. All methods are completely free.

Now let's start learning the step-by-step process of creating a resume on the phone.
  • Step 1 Before you download the app from the link given below. And install it in your mobile phone.
  • Step 2 After installing, you will reach the homepage of the application where you will see the Create option, then click on it.
  • Step 3 Now you will reach the page where you will add your given information in your resume, then the information you want to show in your resume. Click on it and fill that information.
  • Step 4 If category is not created in this app for the information you provided. So don't worry. Because you can create that category yourself by clicking on Add More Section.
  • Step 5 If you have added all your information carefully in the resume. So by clicking on the option with View CV, you can view it. And you can download it by clicking the download button.


  • You will find more than 50 resume formats inside this app. It also has 15 different colors.
  • You can also use this app offline. Which is one of the most important features of this app.
  • More than 1 crore people have downloaded this app from the Google Play Store so far.
  • Within this app, you get the option to create your own information section. Which is a very good thing.
  • There is any kind of problem in running this app. So you can take help from help section of this app.

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Bio Data Maker App


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