Who is Predictor Ambalal Patel

Who is Predictor Ambalal Patel : Very few people know about who is Ambalal Patel the forecaster. After reading predictions in various current papers and on TV, the name that comes to the mouths of the people of Gujarat is Ambalal .Patel! On hearing the word prediction, the name of Ambalal Patel comes to everyone's mouth. Ambalal Patel is known as a meteorologist in Gujarat. Ambalal Patel was interested in astrology. From Varsadno Vartaro, Meghmahodaya Granth, Varahi Samhita etc., he gained the knowledge of how to predict the weather in astrological terms.

Ambalal Patel Biography

His hometown is Rudatal village of Detroj taluka of Ahmedabad district of Chunwal area. He was born in 1947. Full name Ambalal Damodardas Patel. Wife name Gauriben. Has two sons and one daughter.

Eldest son Rajendrabhai owns hospital in Dhangadhra Mukame, formerly in America. Younger son Satish Patel is a Master of Information Technology and runs a private business in Australia. Daughter Alka is also a doctor.

Ambalal Patel Chilo Chatti, whose hereditary business is agriculture, study, graduate in agriculture from Anand's Agriculture College, and job as a supervisor and finally assistant director in a seed certification agency, starts making such predictions and is surprised when all the predictions come true.

Even though his astrology is not a subject or he has not received any title for it, when he makes accurate predictions, it is natural that the surprise is doubled, that much or much more and the dislike towards this Ambalal is generated.

How Ambalal Patel became a meteorologist

Ambalal Patel is interested in agriculture as well as astrology. He used to discuss agricultural crops while meeting farmers. A good crop requires special rainfall. While discussing agricultural crops and rains, Ambalal Patel thought that knowing the weather and when the rains would occur in advance could help the farmers. He then started studying astrology. Astrology gained the knowledge of how to predict the weather from books such as Rain Vartaro, Meghmahodaya Granth, Varahi Samhita etc.

Ambalal Damodardas Patel made the first weather forecast in 1980. Since then all the seasons have been predicted. When will they be cold, hot, rainy and climate change? It is predicted in advance. Also started writing articles in Jyotish Monthly, Panchang, Daily, Weekly etc.

Ambalal Patel made the first prediction in 1980

He made his first weather forecast in the year 1980, becoming his guru himself, and as it turned out to be true, it attracted the attention of many and his confidence increased. After that, his predictions started to be published in various current papers. His articles also began to be published in Panchangas like Sandesh, Janmabhoomi, Mumbai Samachar etc. Many magazines also started taking note of Ambalal's predictions.

Channels like Sandesh, GTPL, Doordarshan, News-18, 24, VR Live, VTV also ” According to renowned weather expert Ambalal Patel….” This kind of news started to be broadcast. As part of the appreciation of his achievements, he has also received many awards and honors.

Ambalal Patel was arrested for predicting earthquakes.

Thus he started forecasting the weather in the spirit of helping farmers for agricultural crops. But along with weather forecast also predicted earthquake. At that time Keshubhai Patel was the Chief Minister of Gujarat state. The government was rushed to Ambalal Patel's earthquake forecast and orders were given to arrest Ambalal Patel. After which Ambalal Patel was arrested.

Ambalal Patel has received many awards and letters of honour

In 2003, they received the International Award from UNO. So, the National Award for Astrology, International Symposium on Astrologic Sciences 2011, Lok Sayva Trust- Western Seeds, Sardar Patel Award, Akhil Indian astrologer Award, Mehsana, and Mehsana. He has also been honored by the Unjha Umia Mandir Institute. Some students from abroad have come to him to study weather forecasting but we have not yet shown the enthusiasm to get such amazing and useful knowledge from him. No matter how much industrial development happens, agriculture cannot go on without agriculture. And, weather forecasting is a blessing for the entire human race.

While the government is also curious about his behavior, the same government also detained Ambalal Patel for predicting the earthquake. His prediction about the earthquake sent the government into a frenzy. His prediction came true. But, he was detained saying, "Such predictions cannot be made without scientific basis". Ambalal Patel, who makes accurate predictions, has a personality to be proud of for the whole of Gujarat.

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