Three Wheeler Loan Yojana 2023

Three Wheeler Loan Yojana 2023: E-rickshaws have now become very popular among Indian rickshaw pullers. Nowadays, e-rickshaws have created new employment opportunities for people. They give massive returns in less time and are easy to operate and have low maintenance and running costs. E-rickshaws were introduced in India in late 2010 along the lines of China, but sales were sporadic and not widespread. However, this segment gained popularity between

You can easily drive a rickshaw in any state or city. But if a common man wants to buy his own e-rickshaw, the biggest problem facing him is where to get one to one and a half lakh rupees. If you are also facing the same problem, you can buy it on loan. How to take loan for e-rickshaw? Along with giving information about this, here you are being given detailed information about documents, eligibility and online application of E Rickshaw Loan (E Rickshaw Loan Apply Online).

Three Wheeler Loan Yojana 2023

Name of Scheme

Loan Scheme for Three Wheelers (SC)

Objective of the scheme

Loan on Scheduled Caste unemployed three-wheeler equipment

Providing loan assistance at low interest rate to the citizens who want to get it.


Scheduled Castes (S.C) of Gujarat castes to citizens

Loans receivable


Interest rate

2.50 lakh loan at only 3% interest

E Rickshaw Manufacture and Design

The e-rickshaw has a tubular chassis of mild steel, consisting of 3 wheels with a differential mechanism at the rear wheels. A brushless DC motor is used for this. The electrical system used in Indian versions is 48V while in Bangladesh it is 60V. The body design from the most popular Chinese version is very thin iron or aluminum sheet. Bodies made of fiberglass are also popular due to their strength and durability, resulting in less maintenance.

It consists of a controller unit. They are sold based on the voltage and output current supplied, as well as the number of MOSFETs (metal oxide field effect transistors) used. Vehicle batteries are usually lead acid with a lifespan of 6-12 months. Deep cycle batteries designed for electric vehicles are rarely used.

Electric Rickshaw Top 5 Benefits

Zero Pollution

E-rickshaws have proven to be a great last mile solution for Indian roads. Currently, CNG-powered autos are considered the cleanest local commuting solution. However, battery-powered e-rickshaws are a zero-pollution option. Even if we replace existing CNG autos with e-rickshaws, it will reduce CO2 emissions by 1,036.6 tonnes per day (or 378,357 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually). Not only this, it also does not cause noise pollution like an auto.

Cheaper and Better

E-rickshaws are much cheaper than traditional last mile solutions such as autos, which are the second most economical mass mobility option. An e-rickshaw costs around Rs. 1 lakh, while the ICE-based auto is priced at Rs. Can be up to 3 lakhs, depending on the state in which it is purchased.

Low Maintenance

Powered by batteries that can be charged at a charging station or swapped at a battery swapping station. E-rickshaws are easy to operate and maintain as compared to conventional autorickshaws.


This loan scheme is operated by GSCDC Online. Most of which is supported by NSFDC. NSFDC stands for National Scheduled Castes Finance And Development Corporation. Online forms of various credit schemes are accepted by GSCDC Online Gujarat. There are certain eligibility criteria to avail the benefits of this scheme. Which is given below

  • Applicant should be native of Gujarat.
  • Beneficiary should be unemployed of Schedule Caste(SC).
  • Citizens from 18 years to 50 years will get.
  • Annual family income should be Rs.6.00 lakh or less.
  • Neither the beneficiary nor any member of the beneficiary's family should be attached to a government or semi-government office.
  • Beneficiary must have driving license.
  • Applicant should not have taken loan from any Govt / Semi Govt Bank earlier.
  • Applicant has to apply online.

E-Rickshaw Loan Documents Required

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Income Proof
  • If the applicant is from BPL family. So BPL card is necessary.
  • Bank Account Passbook

Important Link

Official Notification


Apply Online


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