How To Abha Card Registration

How To Abha Card Registration: Government of India comes up with many beneficial schemes for the people of India. These schemes emphasize women empowerment, holistic development of people of all ages. Ma Amritam Card, Ayushman Bharat Government Card, Ayushman Bharat Card etc. have been implemented. In today's article we will discuss one of the schemes i.e. What is Ayushman Bharat Health Account?, and what is ABHA Card? What are the benefits of ABHA Card? We will discuss each in detail.

It is very difficult to keep all your past medical reports with you while visiting the doctor. Wouldn't it be a lot easier if you had all your medical information collected digitally instead? Keeping this in mind, Government of India has launched “ABHA Card” in the interest of the people. Which is known as Digital Health ID Card. For complete information about this you have to read our article till the end.

How To Abha Card Registration

Organization Name

(ABHA Card)

Scheme Name

Ayushman Bharat Health Card Account Card

Initiated by whom

Ministry of health and Family Welfare

Official website

What is Abha Card?

Ayushaman Bharat Health Card comes under Bharat Digital Health Mission by Central Government. Under this scheme people will be given a unique health ID. Thanks to the health card, the history report of citizens' illness, doctor's report, details of previous treatment, etc. will be collected digitally. In the future, these documents will be helpful for health treatment based on these documents.

According to the information given by the Union Minister of Health under Bharat Digital Health Mission, about 22 crore ABHA Health ID Card citizens have been generated so far. Dear readers, if you haven't made this card, please make it. ABHA Card is a digital account. In this account, the medical report of the treatment taken by the person will store the information about the disease etc. of the person. Based on this, it will be easier to treat a person's future illness from past information.

What is a Digital Health Account?

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission has been launched by the Central Government on 27th September 2021. Citizens will be given ABHA Card under this mission. This card will have a 14 digit number inside. This will work like a citizen's health account which can also be viewed through a mobile app. The biggest advantage of digital health account is that all old medical history and reports of the citizen will be stored digitally and can be accessed anytime.

Advantages of Abha Card?

The benefits of Abha card are many which are detailed below.

  • Various facilities available under Ayushman treatment are also valid in this card like Una treatment using Yoga Ayurveda natural therapy.
  • Abha card will be a fully private card. A person cannot give information to anyone else without his will.
  • With the help of this card, a person can easily get his medical information like doctor's report, diagnosis, medicine etc.
  • With the help of Abha card, a person will be able to save his medical information in digital form and his treatment will be easier by using this information.
  • As all the information of the past illness is available in this card, immediate treatment can be started quickly thereby saving the life of the person and eliminating the delay in treatment.
  • Through Abha Health ID, a person can share his medical details with the doctor and get the doctor's opinion and get treatment.
  • A record of the amount paid from the medical time insurance companies will also be available through the Abha card.
  • All states and union territories of the country are covered under such cards.

Important Document

All citizens can create an aura. You will need following documents to generate Abha card. But any of the following documents are not required to be submitted in person.

  • Mobile number
  • Aadhaar Number
  • PAN Card
  • Driving license number (for generating registration number only

How to generate abha card through driving license

If you have a driving license, you can also use it thanks. In which you have to open the portal and click on Create ABHA Number on the home page and register the card and get the Abha number. Then you can go to your nearest abdm facility center and get your driving license verified in person.

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