Citizen First – Citizen services provided by Gujarat Police

Citizen First – Citizen services provided by Gujarat Police: Home Department, Government of Gujarat has provided this Citizen First Android Application for the benefit of Citizens to avail online services.Citizen can do Application Registration, Senior Citizen Registration, Missing Person Registration, Stolen Property Registration, No Objection Certificate, Get FIR Copy, etc.

Citizen First Gujarat police

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Gujarat Police Citizen First App

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Gujarati and English

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Citizen First App

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Citizen Portal


Police services reach people faster and more transparently

All the applications submitted through this Citizen First Android application are received at respective Police Station through eGujCop Project. Respective Officer at Police Station will take necessary actions for the received application and related status is then available to Citizen through this mobile app.

What is Citizen First Gujarat Police App?

Police has launched Citizen First App in the interest of the people of Gujarat by the state of Gujarat. This mobile application allows e-FIR for phone theft or vehicle theft. If you file a complaint online through this app, the police will contact you within 48 hours of filing your complaint. and will notify your insurance company.

Online facilities will be available to the citizens of the state at home. In particular, facilities like e-FIR and NOC are available. If you register an e-FIR through this app, you will be contacted by an officer of the appropriate police station within 48 hours only. Your application will be scrutinized and converted into an FIR if necessary. He will complete this process in 72 hours and complete all investigations within 21 days. If the offense is caught then the charge sheet is submitted to the court within 21 days.

The Home Ministry and the Police Department are making all efforts to maintain law and order. App has been launched to provide special services to people. This allows vehicle theft and mobile phone theft claims to be filed through e-FIR. Complainants will also be able to receive a receipt for registration of e-FIR within just 24 hours through the e-Citizen First app. If you have insurance for it then you can start the procedure for it.

Services provided by mobile application

Following are the services provided by this app.

  • F.I. Get a copy of R
  • e-application
  • Reporting of missing/stolen property
  • E- FIR (Vehicle / Mobile Theft)
  • Report a missing person
  • Household registration
  • Driver registration
  • Registration of Senior Citizens
  • Tenant Registration
  • N.O.C. Apply for
  • Police Verification
  • Search Arrest/Wanted Person
  • Find a missing person
  • Find stolen/recovered property
  • Find information on unidentified dead bodies

How will online F.I.R. ?

Complainants can submit an FIR online within a stipulated period after the incident. For this it is necessary to use the state's Citizen Portal or Citizen First App. Complaints can be submitted online through this portal or application. Once the online FIA is completed, the complaint will be forwarded to the police station and the name of the police station will be indicated. Although the name of the police station is not given, complaints are sent directly to the police commissioner's office or the police chief's office. From there, they are later sent to the attached police station for investigation.

How complainants will be informed through e-FRI

Complainants will also be informed through SMS and email about the progress of this online complaint registration and investigation. Insurance companies will also be informed by the police through email and SMS. With online services, people do not need to go to the police station to file a complaint. Citizens' time is saved and complaints are disposed of quickly. This technology-driven, faceless system provides greater flexibility for citizens, allowing people to access police services more quickly and transparently.


1. How soon will complainants be able to receive e-FIR receipt through e-Citizen First App?
Ans. Complainants will also be able to receive the e-FIR registration receipt within just 24 hours through the e-Citizen First app.

2. What is the complete procedure of e-FIR?
Ans. The entire process of e-FIR will be completed within 72 hours and all investigations will be completed within 21 days. If the offense is caught then the charge sheet is submitted to the court within 21 days.

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Citizen First Gujarat Police App


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