Views of Storm Biporjoy from International Space Station

Views of Storm Biporjoy from International Space Station:  A never-before-seen horrifying video of Cyclone Biporjoy, which is currently about to hit the coast of Gujarat, has surfaced. This video was taken from 400 kilometers up in space. In which Biporjoy's monstrous form is visible. Due to which people have spread a lot of confusion.

The International Space Station (ISS) has recently revealed footage of Cyclone Biporjoy, which hit the coast of Gujarat. United Arab Emirates Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi recently shared mesmerizing footage of severe storm Biporjoy over the Arabian Sea from the ISS in space.


Views of Storm Biporjoy from International Space Station 

In the video, Neyadi pans his camera from land to sea, revealing a vast cloud cover over the sea. In the video, Biporjoy's terrifying vortices can be clearly seen from space several kilometers up. In which one can see the terrible form of the storm. From 400 kilometers above the earth, the cyclone scene looks as white as a pile of cotton wool. As if there were rugged mountain ranges towards the center of the cyclone.

It can be clearly seen from the video and pictures that the storm's girth is seen to be huge. Similarly, it is clearly visible in the video, how wide the circumference of the cyclone is. The whirlwinds of storms it creates are also terrifying. It shows the horror of how slowly the cyclone moves and the extent of destruction along the coast.

Horrible condition of storm in vortex

In the video of Cyclone Biporjoy released by the International Space Station, what is important is that there is a terrifying scene around the eye of the cyclone. Thousands of liters of water are flying with the cyclone waves. It can be clearly seen from this video that this eye of the cyclone can be several kilometers in diameter. If it is such a terrifying sight from 400 km space, it is difficult to estimate the extent of horror it will assume when it touches the coast of Gujarat.

Next 24 hours are important for Gujarat

As Cyclone Biporjoy moves forward, the clouds of danger over Gujarat are getting darker. As there is a possibility of cyclone in Kutch's Jakhou, teams including NDRF have been mobilized as part of alert. Due to the impact of the storm, the coast of Kutch has been flooded.

Meanwhile, the next 24 hours have been said to be more important by the Meteorological Department. Along with this, the Meteorological Department has declared a red alert. In which red alert has been given in Saurashtra and Kutch. Not only that, the storm is moving at a speed of 3 km. Along with this, a strong current in the sea has created a storm on the shore.

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