How To Identification Plant With Blossom App

How To Identification Plant With Blossom App: identify plants, flowers, and trees by photo and set plant care reminders. Discover the Blossom app your reliable plant care guide and a pocket plant identifier. Find out the best way to fertilize and repot your plants and flowers. Snap a picture of a tree in your favorite park and learn more about it.

Instantly identify over 10,000 plants, flowers, succulents, and trees by picture. Simply take a photo of a plant or use a picture on your phone, and our app will identify it in a snap.

How To Identification Plant With Blossom App

With our extended text search, you can look for air cleaning plants or non-poisonous ones. Just write your thoughts and see our app-provided options. Do you know those plants you like, but don't know the name of? Are you looking for an indoor plant? Plant finder- identify trees, plant snap gives you all the information you need.

An application that allows you to identify plants simply by photographing them with your smartphone. Very useful when you don't have a botanist on hand. There are indeed many plants that look alike from afar and it is sometimes small details that distinguish two species of the same genus. Flowers, fruits and leaves are the most characteristic organs of a species and it is they that should be photographed first.

Useful Information And smart Tips

Need to know when your plant will flower or what trees grow in your garden? Identify plants by photo or search the plant name in our database to get detailed information about each plant’s features and caring instructions. 

Personal plant collection

Add all your plant species to My garden to keep track of the growth and development of your plants, flowers, succulents, and trees.

Grow organic edible plants with Blossom! Plan your seeding season with a personalized planting calendar, and get additional care reminders for your garden.

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