All About Red sandalwood

All About Red sandalwood: Red sandalwood trees grow only in the forests of Andhra Pradesh in South India. Red sandalwood can withstand natural disasters. It is also unaffected by radiation so it is superfluous. It is worth crores of rupees in the international markets. Red sandalwood has been smuggled for four decades due to its high price.

All About Red sandalwood

At the moment, Southern film superstar Allu Arjun's film 'Pushpa' is very much in the news. The main theme of the film is: smuggling of red sandalwood. What is red sandalwood? Why is it smuggled? Why is it called red gold? Where is it found in India? Why is it in high demand in China? What is the significance of ancient and modern? Learn about red sandalwood. Let's explain everything one by one below.

It is said that red sandalwood trees are disappearing from the forests of Andhra Pradesh. Smuggling has increased to such an extent that no one but nature can save this Indian heritage. The movie 'Pushpa' is just a story showing a mirror, but the smuggling of red sandalwood is probably not the end. What is red sandalwood? What is the modus operandi of smuggling?

Red sandal is also known as blood sandalwood. There are three types of sandalwood. White, blood means red, and yellow sandalwood. We all know the importance of using sandalwood in worship. But the red sandalwood growing in India i.e. blood sandalwood is something different.

Benefits of blood sandalwood
Red sandalwood is very beneficial. Red sandalwood is used to whiten beauty. It eliminates many skin related problems like skin pigmentation and acne. To relieve the swelling, inflammation and itching caused by eczema, make a paste by mixing red sandalwood powder with camphor and use it for miraculous results.

The ability to smell is not limited to the nose. The fragrance of sandalwood has been discovered in skin cells. This means that red sandalwood is precious and preserved in every way.

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