The List Of Top 5 Scooters

The List Of Top 5 Scooters: On the one hand, the prices of petrol-powered two-wheelers are on the rise, while on the other hand, the prices of electric vehicles are declining. Since then the prices of these scooters have plummeted.

The price of these scooters has come down to Rs 28,000. Earlier the GST rate on electric vehicles was 12%, which has now been reduced to 5%. This has reduced the price of electric two-wheelers by up to Rs 28,000. So let's find out what are the top 5 electric two-wheelers that have become cheaper due to subsidies?

The List Of Top 5 Scooters

1. TVS iQube
- This battery-operated scooter from TVS is equipped with a 4.4 kW electric motor.

2. Revolt RV400
- Revolt Motors Company's RV 400 is the first electric bike. The RV 400 is the top variant while the RV 300 is the base variant

3. Okinawa i-Praise

4. Hero Photon HX
- It has a digital speedometer, remote lock with anti-theft alarm, combi-braking system, LED lighting,
and USB port for mobile phone charging.

5. Hero Optima ER (double battery)
Dual lithium-ion batteries are fitted in this scooter. The company claims that the battery in the scooter will last for 5 years. Features include LED headlights, digital speedometer, alloy wheels, telescopic suspension, and regenerative braking.

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