Download PUC Certificate for Car and Bike

Download PUC Certificate for Car and Bike: The certificate acts as an approval document that contains the emission levels of your vehicle, and if they are within the stipulated pollution norms. This is done through authorized emission testing centers which are usually situated in petrol pumps across India. 

Download PUC Certificate for Car and Bike

The PUCC is issued by the government after testing the emission levels of your car or bike and certifying your vehicle that emission levels are within the required norms. The Ministry of Transport has mandated through the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989 that a PUC Certificate must be carried by the driver or rider of the vehicle at all times.

 How To Get a PUC Certificate?

- To get a PUC Certificate for your car or bike, follow the below guidelines:

- For a new vehicle, the dealer will provide the PUCC, valid for 1-year, therefore you need not apply for the same.

- For pollution certificate renewal, take your car or bike to the nearest emission test center to get it checked and get the PUC Certificate after paying the required fee.

- Through these two methods, you can get a PUC Certificate for your car or bike.

Step-by-Step Guide to Get a PUC Certificate:

You can get your vehicle checked for emission levels and get a PUC Certificate at:
- Petrol pumps or fuel stations across the country which have PUC Centers to get your vehicle tested.

- Licensed auto emission testing centers with a computerized facility.

- Standalone emission testing centers.

What is The Emission (PUC) Test Procedure?

Driving on public roads without a pollution certificate will attract fines from the traffic police and the transport department. The emission or PUC test procedure is simple to follow and takes a few minutes to get the PUC Certificate.

- Visit any of the authorized emission testing centers with your vehicle and pay the prescribed fees for the emission test.

- With the help of a device, the PUC Centre will scan your vehicle’s exhaust pipe and take readings of the pollution levels.

- The PUC certificate will be issued which contains the test readings, the validity of the pollution certificate, vehicle details, etc.

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