Pre-preparedness and safety for Hurricanes PDF 2021

Pre-preparedness and safety for Hurricanes PDF 2021: A hurricane is a wind that blows in a circular motion and blows at high speeds. Which originates from the sea and comes to land. These circular winds, formed in the Arabian Sea or the Bay of Bengal due to mild pressure in the atmosphere, usually move in a north-westerly direction and strike the land from the sea. Heavy to very heavy rainfall can also occur under the influence of hurricanes.

Pre-preparedness and safety for Hurricanes PDF 2021

How does a hurricane come?

- Extreme heat waves in north-west India are a factor in hurricanes.

- Air heats up. Got up So that a field of low pressure is created. Another wind blows this side to fill the space.

- In this way a huge mass of clouds with steam from the Arabian Sea moves forward and rises towards the pressure zone from the coast.

The hurricane rotates in a counterclockwise direction at 8 to 12 km above sea level. Can also be up to height. The width of a hurricane can be 20 to 30 km. The quiet center in the middle of a hurricane is called the "eye" of the hurricane. The eye, the inner circle, and the outer circle are all part of the hurricane.

What to do after a hurricane? What not to do

- When walking through debris, beware of things like broken glass or foil as well as poisonous creatures like snakes.

- Act as instructed by local authorities.

- Exit only after making sure that the hurricane has passed.

- Wait until a clear security message arrives on the radio or TV.

- Wait for the immediate relief team to arrive.

- Fishermen should wait another 24 hours before going to sea.

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Safety for Hurricanes PDF

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