Detail Covid 19 Vaccine And Useful Information

Detail Covid 19 Vaccine And Useful Information: See the complete information on how the corona vaccine works by going into your body

  • Is it possible to treat corona?
  • Who gets the most corona ..?
  • Once Corona is born, will he be judged ..?
  • When should the oxygen level be ..?
  • When do I need to go to the hospital?   

Detail Covid 19 Vaccine And Useful Information

1. Is corona a fatal and incurable disease?
In fact corona is not a dangerous disease, but the effects it has on the body are fatal. It can be defeated if treated in time. According to government figures, the cervical rate in India is 98.6 per cent.

2. Older people are more at risk than corona, is corona infection dangerous for younger people?
Fitness is more important in the corona than in age. It can hurt people of any age if you are not fit or get timely treatment. Patients with a higher risk of aging, diabetes, asthma, cancer or other illnesses that lower the body’s immune system are at higher risk.

3. Which medicine is more suitable Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin?
Hydroxychloroquine or any drug cannot stop you from getting a covid infection. In addition, misuse of hydroxychlorinequin can cause fatal side effects. Dr. Dave says that both of these drugs have not been found to be more effective in covid patients. Therefore WHO does not recommend the use of both of these drugs. It is worth mentioning here that no medicine should be taken without a doctor’s prescription. Only your body’s ability can help you.

4. What is the general assumption attached to the corona? 
The biggest assumption associated with corona is that I can’t have corona, even after the symptom comes, people think it’s seasonal viral fever, or coughs and colds are common. Its effects can be fatal in the case of late treatment. Get tested right away if you have any of these symptoms.

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Covid 19 Vaccine Useful Details


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