Cyclone Warning Signals List

Cyclone Warning Signals List: These signals are known as the Beaufort Scale, which was introduced during the British rule. It was first determined by a British naval officer, Francis Beaufort, in 1805 on the basis of wind speed. At present, 12 such signals have been sent to the coast and ports of Gujarat. Saurashtra currently has two signals, which could be amplified depending on the next situation.

Cyclone Warning Signals List

The Beaufort scale was extended in 1946 when forces 13 to 17 were added. However, forces 13 to 17 were intended to apply only to special cases, such as tropical cyclones. Nowadays, the extended scale is only used in Taiwan and mainland China, which are often affected by typhoons. Internationally, WMO Manual on Marine Meteorological Services (2012 edition) defined the Beaufort Scale only up to force 12 and there was no recommendation on the use of the extended scale.

Signal - 1
60 Hours - Beware of strong winds

Signal - 2
60 hour speed - signal for ships at sea

Signal - 3
Speed ​​of 40 to 50 kmph - the coast is affected by hurricanes

Speed ​​of 60 to 70 per hour- The weather is not right

Signal - 5
60-80 per hour speed- A storm formed in the sea turns into a storm

60-80 per hour speed - to get out of the storm side.

Signal - 7
Speed ​​of 60-80 per hour- Terrible danger to ports

Signal - 8
Speed ​​of 90 to 120 per hour- Very dangerous warning.

Signal - 9
Speed ​​of 90 to 120 per hour - Hurricane is likely to be fast or severe

Speed ​​of 120 to 220 per hour- Hurricane likely to come

A speed of 220 per hour causes all communication in the office to fail

Hurricane 'Tau-Te' will hit the coast of Gujarat tonight between 8 and 11 km between Porbandar and Mahuva at a speed of about 155 to 165 kmph. The hurricane is currently 250 km from Diu and 290 km from Veraval.

The state government has claimed that it has made full preparations for this. Meanwhile, a red alert has been issued in the state.

Different number of signals are kept on the coast. However most people do not know why this signal is and what works. Through this report, we are giving you some information about the 1 to 12 signals at the ports today.

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