Gujarat Government Yojanas 100 Application Form Pdf

Gujarat Government Yojanas 100 Application Form Pdf: Get any Gujarat government scheme form absolutely free. Amazing integration of more than 100 forms of government schemes and facilities, now no cost for any form. A PDF file of the scheme useful to about 200 people.

Gujarat Government Schemes and others. Hence, if you are a citizen of Gujarat state and want to get the benefits provided by the Gujarat state government, then you need to read this article completely.

Gujarat Government Yojanas 100 Application Form Pdf

Gujarat Government Yojana Pdf In Gujarati, Friends, if you’re from the state of Gujarat and need to understand the government schemes, then you’re at the proper place. you’ll get to understand various government schemes here. See below for various plans.

In the twentieth year of the 21st century, under the senior leadership of Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, the benefactor of developing Gujarat, our state of Gujarat is being established as a vision of welfare for every citizen to maintain self-sufficiency.

Gujarat Government Yojanas 100 Application Form  Subject

  • Allotment of Government wasteland and Gauchar Land
  • Non-Agriculture use permission
  • Gamtal neem and Extension
  • Premium for New Tenure Land
  • Chav, Rawla Rights in Saurashtra areas
  • Encroachment over Government Land
  • Tenancy Act related matters
  • Land Acquisition
  • Record of Rights updation
  • Introduction of City survey and Settlement
  • Bombay Land Revenue Code: Section 37(2)
  • Land Revenue Code: Section 73A, 73AA
  • Fragmentation and Consolidation of holdings
  • Stamp Duty related
  • Recovery of Dues of Land Revenue
  • Allotment of Government Land for Agriculture purpose
  • Allotment of Government Land for Non-Agriculture purpose
  • Gujarat Agriculture Land Ceiling Act 1960
  • Relief

Some Application Form 

  • N.S. C. - Refresh small savings agency  
  • Demand for land for social forestry  
  • Matter of renewing canteen certificate  
  • Demand for land in Bhambra water / Fisheries  
  • Matter of obtaining a license to play or keep a public dining area.  
  • Demand for government fallow land for industrial purposes  
  • Matter of obtaining a license to store toxic substances.  
  • Matter of benefiting the capital as affected. 
  • Demand for privately-owned government land for non-agricultural purposes

Gujarat Sarkar ni Yojana in Gujarati is available here. Are you looking for Gujarat Govt Schemes Application PDF? then this is for you. As the government has taken many initiatives for the development of the state.

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