Best Health Tips In Summer

Best Health Tips In Summer:- What to do to avoid heat (heat wave) in summer, what to treat if you feel heat, heat, for whom heat wave is dangerous. The following is a list of our most popular heatwave remedies.

Best Health Tips In Summer

Symptoms of heat stroke:
- Excessive sweating and fatigue.
- Impotence, weakness, and dizziness.
- Low blood pressure due to standing.
- Nausea, headache, and muscle aches.

Causes of heatstroke:
- Staying longer in hot weather and working hard.
- Dehydration from the body.
- Wearing more fitted clothes.

- Drink cold potable water.
- Relax in a cool place.
- Should stay high from the heart even while resting.
- Bathe in cold water or put a handkerchief steeped in cold water on the body.

Remedies for Hemorrhoids:
1. 30 g raw mango pieces 500 ml. Boiled in water, drinking syrup made by getting 50 grams of sugar in it relaxes the loom.

2. Drink jaggery syrup.

3. Dissolve 1-2 cups of Garmala in 1-2 cups of cold water and drink it in the morning and evening.

4. Tulsi leaf juice is taken with sugar and drunk.

5. Dip coriander, amla, sugar, anise, and sukhad (sandalwood) in cold water and take 5-5 grams of each of these.

6. Add 30 gm paki tamarind pulp, 24 gm jaggery, and 2 gm black pepper powder in 25-300 ml. Take water, boil it, strain it, cool it and give it to the patient as often as one cup.

What is a hit stroke?
Temperatures reach extremely high levels when extreme heat and hot air are generated or meet with heat and humidity This is when a hit stroke situation occurs.

Treatment ...
1. Move the person over a shaded area or inside a building

2. Call the Emergency Helpline. Follow the instructions below until the medical service arrives

3. Lie down so that the person's feet are slightly above the ground

4. Place the fan in such a way that direct air comes over its body.

5. Take off his clothes and sprinkle water on his body

6. Put wet clothes/towel/ice next to it, above the waist, and below the neck. Give the person a little cold plain water. Emergency

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