Top Unique Village in India

Top Unique Village in India:- These are the unique villages of India that will be surprised to know its features.

Shani Shingdapur, Maharashtra
Not a single house in the whole village has doors. Theft does not occur. Not even a police station

Shethpal, Maharashtra
Every house in the village has snakes, snakes are their family members.

Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra
The richest village in India. There are 60 millionaires living in this village and no one is poor. The highest GDP

Punsari, Gujarat
The most modern gum, CCTV cameras, and Wi-Fi in every home, every street light is powered by solar power.

Jambur, Gujarat
Everyone in the village looks like an African. The nickname of the village is known as African Village

Kuldhara, Rajasthan
Aghor village, no one lives here. There are houses but no one lives. A village without people

Kodinli, Kerala
Village of twins, there are 400 twins here.

Makur, Karnataka
Sanskrit is the only language of Jaya practice. Everyone in the village communicates in Sanskrit.

Barwan Kala, Bihar
Janda village of Vandhao (Kuwaro) Jaya has not got married in the last fifty years.

Mavliong, Meghalaya
The cleanest village in Asia, with a large mountain perched on a small hill in the village

Rongoi, Assam
According to the village's belief, frogs are married off to get rain.

Korlai, Raigad, Maharashtra
The people of Jaya village, the only village in India, speak Portuguese.

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