Learn the specialty and history of SeaPlane

Learn the specialty and history of SeaPlane:- The only difference between an airplane and a sea-plane is that airplanes make landing and take-off on land, while sea-planes can land and take-off on water surface i.e. sea, river or lake. The Ahmedabad-based Twin-Otters C-plane weighs 3377 kg, has a fuel tank with a capacity of 1419 liters, a maximum of 5170 kg. Can fly with weight. The C-plane is 15.77 meters (51 feet) long and 5.94 meters (19 feet) high. The sea-plane service will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 31.

Learn the specialty and history of SeaPlane:- 

The C-plane has no computer controls, flies at low altitudes, all controls are in the hands of the pilot
In 1910, Henry Faber of France flew a 50 horsepower sea-plane.

The C-plane has two engines with single-stage free turbines
According to Captain Ajay Chauhan, the C-plane PT6A-34 has two engines with single-stage free turbines. 272 kg per hour in the C-plane during the flight. Fuel is consumed. On the left side of the sea-plane is a door of 1.27 * 1.45 meters. The C-plane has a capacity of 19 passengers. The C-plane is quite different from the normal passenger plane. The traditional passenger plane has a complete computer control system, so landing and take-off are the main operations for the pilot of a normal passenger plane.

The pilot has complete control in his hands
Captain Ajay Chauhan further said that the C-plane does not have computer controls. Moreover, it flies at low altitudes (low altitudes), where all control is in the hands of the pilot. Airplanes land and take off on a stable surface of the ground, while sea-planes take-off and land on liquid and dynamic water levels. This makes the operation of a sea-plane pilot more challenging.

The C-plane, invented by Henry Faber, was used in 1930s for transportation
Credit for the invention of the sea-plane goes to Henry Faber of France. In 1910 he flew a 50 horsepower sea-plane. The British company Supermarry was established between England and France in AD. The first flying boat service was started in 1919. In 1930, the sea-plane became widely used as a means of transportation between the United States and Europe, opening new doors for transportation between South America, Africa, and Asia. Due to the sea-plane, mail from England began to reach Australia in 16 days in 1931.

Useful only where there are sea-plane reservoirs
The C-plane cannot achieve extreme speeds or high altitudes due to its design and structure. Sea-planes are unusable inland areas where reservoirs are not available, so their use is also limited.

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