Wearing the wrong mask can only lead to infection, so here are 7 things to keep in mind.

Wearing the wrong mask can only lead to infection, so here are 7 things to keep in mind:- Masks must be worn to avoid coronavirus. The mask prevents droplets from falling while speaking, during coughing and sneezing. According to Ipsos, 76% of people in urban India are using masks. As the demand for masks grows, a variety of trendy masks are now available in the market.

According to the WHO, masks should be used as a way to stop transmission and save lives. A distance of at least 6 feet, frequent hand washing and frequent touching of the mask should be avoided to prevent the virus.

Masks can protect you from viruses but only if you wear them properly. Improperly worn masks can cause infections. It is therefore important to take proper precautions when wearing and removing the mask. According to the WHO, masks should be worn and disposed of properly. So it proves to be effective and can stop the transmission from spreading.

These are the things to keep in mind when wearing a medical mask

  • Wear the mask carefully. Make sure it covers the mouth, nose and chin. Then tie it in such a way that there is no gap on the face.
  • Avoid touching it while wearing the mask
  • The mask must be removed properly. The front of the mask should not be touched at that time. Remove the mask from the back of the ear.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand rub to clean hands if you inadvertently touch a mask. If dirt is found on the hands, clean it first with soap and then with water.
  • If the mask is damaged, replace it immediately with a clean and dry mask.
  • Do not use a single-use mask a second time. Dispose of it properly after use.

Here are 7 things to keep in mind when choosing and wearing a mask
1. Whether your mask is too big or too small
Choose the right fitting mask for you because choosing the wrong fitting mask will require you to touch it frequently to adjust. If the mask is small it will not cover your nose and mouth. If it is too big, there will be a gap on the face. So, choose the right size.

2. Adjust the mask frequently
You adjust the mask slightly to wipe the sweat off your face or to breathe. However, this activity is wrong. Touching a mask or face with dirty hands is a bad habit and increases the risk of infection. Before touching the mask, remember where you last touched it or avoid touching the mask altogether.

3. There is no point in wearing a mask if the nose stays out
Many people keep out of the nose mask for heat or various other reasons. This is very dangerous. Cover the mouth and nose completely with the mask if you are out. There is no benefit to wearing a mask if the nose comes out.

4. Remove the mask to communicate
The main reason for wearing a mask is to trap droplets. If you take off your mask and talk to someone, the droplets from the other person's mouth will reach you. Also, the droplets that come out of your mouth can reach another person. This condition increases the risk of infection. Do not communicate without removing the mask.

5. You are removing the mask incorrectly
Do not touch the mask further. If you want to remove the mask, open the stalk at the back. Open the mask straps from the back of the ears or head and remove them comfortably. Dispose of the mask immediately after removing it and sanitize the hands.

6. Frequent side change
Pay attention to the side when wearing a clothing mask. The virus sitting on the mask can reach inside your body due to frequent side changes.

7. Do not keep the mask under the beard
Do not bring the mask under the beard while talking or eating. It is better to remove the mask completely as the beard is not already covered and is frequently touched. In such cases, wearing a mask in place of a beard can cause infection. If you want to remove the mask, remove it carefully.

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