Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka Live

Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka Live:-  Dive into devotion to Lord Radha Krishna with these amazing dress up games which will enable you to do prayer at any time. In the end, download your own created Radha Krishna wallpaper for free!
The Radha Krishna amour is a love legend of all times. Let's celebrate their love & spread the selfless love worldwide!

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Enjoy this game with beautiful options:-
1. Makeup
2. Dress up
3. Prayer/Aarti

Make-up :
- Give Radhe Krishna a very delightful look with beautiful Hairstyle & Crown
- Change their Eye Color to make them look more divine
- Give Radha more beautiful look with unique Eye Shadows, Nose Ring.
- Radhe Krishna's makeup would be incomplete without beautiful Earring, Necklace, Bindi/Tilak.

Dress up :
We have specially created unique outfits to give Radha Krishna the perfect divine and charming look!
- Choose a dress for Radha Krishna from a bunch of options; you can also change the dress color by sliding the given color option
- Accessorize their look with lots of fun jewelry like Earring, Necklace, Nose Ring, Waist Ring, Garland, Flute, Bracelet, Ankle Bracelet/Payal, and much more.
- Change the background and give a blissful look!
- Serve them fruit/food and light diyas!

Prayer/Aarti :
Once you have done with Radha Krishna's Makeup and Dress up, press the next button in the dress up the screen to go for prayer.

Turn your Aarti dish circular with your finger and enjoy the Aarti/Prayer

** Special Feature **
You can change the color of each option by sliding the given color option! Save HD Wallpaper!

Use the toggle button on left top to switch from Radha to Krishna's options and vice versa

Have a wonderful time! Create your own Radha Krishna Live wallpaper! 

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