Jagannath Rath yatra live 2020

Jagannath Rath yatra lives 2020:- The world-famous rath yatra of Lord Jagannath Rath yatra live takes place on the day of unripe seeds. However, the 142-year-old tradition in Ahmedabad has broken for the first time. Today the Lord will not go out on the township and the chariot will be circled around the temple in a rath yatra. Chariots will not be taken out of the temple complex. Besides, no devotee will be allowed to enter all the rituals.

Ahmedabad Rathayatra: Click Here 

Puri Rathayatra: Click Here

About Jagannath Rathayatra Story

Lord Krishna went out of Dwarka with his brother Lord Balram. When Krishna 16108 ranioe Rohini her (Balarama’s mother) asked that we serve the same Lord Krishna, however, the day Lord Krishna and Radha is why the name. Then Rohini’s mother said if Krishna and Balram do not enter the palace, I will say.

The queens thought to SubhadraHe stood guard outside the door and said not to let anyone in. Then Rohini’s mother started the story. Subhadra kept his ears on the door and started listening to the story inside. When Krishna and Balram came back, they saw Subhadra standing at the door with his ears open.

When Krishna and Balram went to enter the palace, Subhadra stopped them. So Krishna and Balram like Subhadra kept their ears on the door and started listening to the story inside. Suddenly, due to the spirit of devotion, the arms and legs of the three began to shrink and the eyes began to widen.

When Narada Muni came to Dwarka to meet Lord Krishna, he saw that Lord Krishna’s arms and legs had shrunk and his eyes had become large. Narada Muni told Lord Krishna to show this form of yours to the world. So, Narada Muni, Lord Krishna came as Treta promised batavavanu world

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