MagTapp Image Dictionary 2020

MagTapp Image Dictionary 2020:- Well, MagTapp has its solution. MagTapp provides Visual Meaning for words on a Single Tap (Long Press). MagTapp is an app with the Inbuilt Browsing and Document Reading feature. If you are stuck with difficult words while Browsing Online or Reading Documents in MagTapp, you can get Visual Meanings for that Word on a Single Tap. Just Long Press on the word and Experience the Magic.

MagTapp's Visual Meanings are available in 12 Indian Languages, English Meanings are complimentary with all languages.
> Hindi Image Dictionary
> Bengali Image Dictionary
> Marathi Image Dictionary
> Gujrati Image Dictionary
> Urdu Image Dictionary
> Tamil Image Dictionary
> Telugu Image Dictionary
> Kannada Image Dictionary
> Malayalam Image Dictionary
> Punjabi Image Dictionary
> Odia Image Dictionary
> Nepali Image Dictionary

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Its core features are:
👉🏻 One Tap Visual Meaning (MagTapp Mode On):While browsing through websites or reading any PDF or documents we often come across difficult words. We either ignore it or spend our crucial time searching for that word online or in a dictionary app. This not only wastes our time but also deteriorates our reading experience. One Tap solves this issue. Just Tap (Long Press) on words you don’t understand in MagTapp Browser & MagDoc (Document Reader) and you will find its Visual Meaning for the word in just a few seconds.

👉🏻 MagTapp Mode OffWhen MagTapp Mode is off you can select content and translate it, listen to it or note it.

👉🏻 How ‘One Tap’ works?Long Press any English word you don't understand. Within a second a meaning screen will appear displaying its meaning in your desired language along with a High-Quality Picture for the word.

👉🏻 Inbuilt Browsing:MagTapp browser is a fast, functional, and clean browser equipped with the No.1 search engine Google with an option for other search engines too.

👉🏻 Maggot (Image Dictionary)Type or Voice search any word inside Magbot and it will display its meaning in your desired language along with a High-Quality Picture for context. You can swipe to the left to find More meanings, Synonyms, Antonyms, Part of Speech & Sentence Usage for the word.

Fly Bot: Magtapp has the ability to work over other apps. To activate ‘Fly Bot’ just turn on the red switch at the top in Magbot and give Screen Overlay & Background Running Permission

👉🏻 MagDocs:· You can read any type of Documents like PDF, PPTX, DOC, Excel, etc with One Tap Visual Meaning facility in MagDoc's
· Listen to whole PDF Documents by pressing on Play Button Icon in document
· A user can also Bookmark, Highlight, Underline words in any document and save as a new document.
· Create a Favourite document shortcut in Homescreen

Reading Mode:With Reading, mode get Ad-Free Reading Experience in Night Mode. You can also listen to online content in Reading Mode.

👉🏻 Translation:We have given 3 options to translate the webpage & document:
* Translate text: Copy the text you want to translate, Open translate from bottom navigation and paste copied content in the translated page.
* Translate Webpage: Tap on Option Menu, Click on translate this page. Your page will translate automatically.
* Translate Document or Part of Webpage: Switch Off MagTapp Mode by pressing "ON" Button, Select the text in the document or the Webpage, click on the translate option at the bottom of the screen. The text will be translated.

👉🏻 News:Read the latest relevant news in our application with content curated specifically to your interest. Different tabs relating to Students, Current Affairs to Bollywood to choose from.

👉🏻 Games:Play more than 10+ games to pass time when you get bored.

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