Lockdown 2: What will be open and closed? Extensive guidelines of Central Government released

Lockdown Phase-2 starting today. The central government has announced a new lockdown guideline on Wednesday. It clearly states that it is mandatory to wear masks in advertising spaces and places of work. If someone spits in a public place, punishment and penalties have been provided for them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended a 21-day lockdown in the country on Tuesday for another 19 days. "The exit rules are very strict at this time," he said. Where the corona has not spread, certain conditions will be exempt after April 20.

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The Prime Minister has also said that places that are suspected to be turned into hotspots will be strictly monitored. So, the strict stance will be taken for the next week. Till April 20, every city, district, and state will be closely monitored.

Will it be shut? 

>> All Domestic and International flights 

>> Train (regarding traveler train) 

>> All Education Institutions, Coaching or Training Centers 

>> Industrial just as Commercial Activity 

>> All Hotels, Taxi, Auto, Bicycle Rickshaw, Cinema Hall, Shopping Complex 

>> Gym, Sports Complex, Swimming Pool, Bar, Theater 

>> All the strict spots, or any occasions 

What will begin? 

All wellbeing administrations including AYUSH will proceed. Just as emergency clinics, nursing homes, drug stores, scientific experts, dispensaries, a wide range of clinical shops, clinical labs and assortment focuses, pharmaceutical and clinical research labs, COVID 19's exploration foundations, veterinary emergency clinics, pathology salutatory and medication, veterinarians and medication. Supply administration, pharmaceutical assembling manufacturing plants and so forth will run. 

Farming Concessions: 

Ranchers just as homestead workers will have the option to do cultivating. APMCs or state or association social orders might be left open. Shop for ranch actualizes can be kept open. The creation and offer of pesticides just as composts will proceed. What's more, vehicles for collecting or allotting (eg gathering machines) can be moved to start with one state then onto the next and starting with one state then onto the next in the state.

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