In a month's lockdown, the country's air has changed, the skies have become clearer than before, and pollution has decreased.

New Delhi. The Coronavirus has caused great sorrow and pain to the country and the world. Everything has stopped because of Corona's fear. People have been locked in the house for a month. At train stations, planes are all at the airport, buses are all down. Shops have closed without customers. In the midst of all this a bird of the corona is also returning. There is a lesson to be learned from this and change is expected. It has changed a lot in nature. The air is cleaner than before, the dirt has disappeared from the river bank. The roads are not crowded. The city is looking clean and tidy. If you look at Delhi, it seems that the heart is the same - the heartbeat has increased. Looking at Benares, it seems that the interest is the same, the trend is new.

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This gap is evident when looking at existing and old photos of some of the major spaces during the lockdown. So today let's see some unseen pictures of the country in flashback ...

Cities look very clean, looking at Delhi, it seems that the heart is the same - the heartbeat has increased, pollution has decreased from India Gate to Connaught Place

The air in Benares is clear, only one or two bodies are coming from outside the city for burial at Manikarnika Ghat
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