Government guidelines on Lockdown 2 released, know what will remain in the country till May 3

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday announced to increase the lockdown in the country by 3 May. Only yesterday, he said that the guidelines related to them will be released today. Guidelines have been issued by the government and under this, know what will be closed till May 3.

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday declared to expand the lockdown in the nation by 3 May. Just yesterday, he said that the rules identified with them will be discharged today. Rules have been given by the administration and under this, recognize what will be shut till May 3.

1. Rail, street, air and nearby traffic will be shut till 3 May.

2. Schools, universities, instructive establishments will stay shut.

3. Private workplaces and manufacturing plants will be shut.

4. A wide range of spots of love like sanctuaries, mosques, holy places and so on will stay shut.

5. Films, shopping complex, shopping center, rec center, café and so on will likewise be shut.

6, Prohibition on a wide range of open occasions and occasions will proceed till May 3.

7. There will likewise be a restriction on strict occasions.

The administration has said in the request that it will currently be required to cover the face. Railroad, street and air traffic will likewise be totally shut till May 3. The legislature has said that a severe move will be made right now. Presently move will likewise be made on spitting in the city.

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