AMC Corona Positive Case Location With Name

AMC Corona Positive Case Location With Name:- The Trump organization reported a progression of steps to help the accessibility of coronavirus testing, subsequent to confronting warmed, bipartisan analysis. In any case, worries about the pandemic undulated over the globe, as more occasions were dropped (counting the Masters); U.S. schools shut to a huge number of understudies; tourist spots kept on covering (the Louver is among the most recent), and a top Australian authority tried positive for the infection only days in the wake of meeting with U.S. Lawyer General William P. Barr in Washington.

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There have been 45 cases against the city in which the PSI of Kalupur Police Station has also been positive. He is currently under treatment and his family has also been quarantined. The PSI, who lives in the Ashutosh Apartment near Chandkheda, who also served in the Kalupur police station area, has also been admitted for treatment against the positive case. The families of these PSIs have also been quarantined and the police personnel in contact with them have been quarantined.

Municipal Commissioner Vijay Canal said many of the myths regarding Corona were being proven wrong. The coronavirus that is transmitted to humans is challenging and new information is coming out every day. Corona's first patient is still hospitalized. After 35 days, the infection is still not clear. He added that there has been a lot of success in running a case against him. 500 cases were discovered in a month, the survey reduced to 2 lakh cases.

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